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Super-Natural Love Series

"Super-natural love is the divine energy in the universe that has the power to create, transform, protect, and heal. It is experienced as the peaceful bliss we come to know through all our senses, including our sixth-sense. I have hyphenated the word, "supernatural" to emphasize that the experience of the divine is both super as in paranormal and natural. It has an infinite variety of manifestations and expressions, but always it is gentle, kind, and reassuring, reminding us there is nothing to fear. Whatever lies ahead, this miraculous love will be there to see us through. All we have to do is open the door and let it in. I invite you to join me on my never-ending spiritual adventure with super-natural love. All three of my Super-Natural books are a collection of personal essays that will take you on my journey from discovering and connecting to super-natural love to becoming a source of super-natural love. It is my sincerest wish that reading about my spiritual adventures will inspire you to embark on your own spiritual quest, feeling free to question, to shed out-worn beliefs that are not working for you anymore, and to find your own soul’s callings and convictions that will drive your life forward to ever greater joy, peace, and miracles," (Lark Syrris).

The complete Super-Natural Love book series by Lark Syrris is available for purchase on Amazon Kindle and Paperback. 

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